July 21, 2015

1 Year Anniversary for "The Lands of Nowhere" album!

Greetings friends!1 year anniversary for my debut album "The Lands of Nowhere".Im very thankful and honoured for some facts that happened in this year :
1) my entry for "Guitar Idol 4" competition ("The Sands of Time" track) to be part for top 100 finalist tracks.
2) be the 1st finalist in "Shred On" guitar competition ("Supernova" track)

Thank you so much for your support and love!Im working on my 2nd album at the moment,there will be more news soon , so stay tuned!
Last but not least , I want to thank my mentor Theodore Ziras for his valuable help and support , "Nikopolis music school" for the honour to be a part of it's team as a guitar&music theory tutor.
Take care & see you soon!

Album full stream >Here<